The benefits of short-term care at home for seniors with a physical disability

When an elderly person suffers a fall or some other incident that leaves them in need of short-term care, it can be just as much of a shock to the system for family members as it is to the individual. During this period, big decisions need to be made quickly; such as what care measures will be put in place to assist your injured family member while they recover? The good news is that there are now alternate care options available that will enable your loved one to remain at home during their recovery.

Home care helps to maintain an independent lifestyle

Short-term care at home helps to ensure an independent lifestyle is maintained. Rather than sticking to the schedule that is required in a nursing home, your recovering family member can maintain their own schedule. Your live-in carer will provide meals when you request them and help you participate in any activity you would like to.

Peace of mind can help you to recover more quickly

Stress can be counter-productive to recovery and moving from your home into residential care, regardless of the time-period, can be quite stressful. This on top of the shock of a fall or incident that leaves your loved one in need of assistance can result in a longer recovery. The less stress put on an ill person, the better. When you invest in care at home, it is more likely that a bond will be developed between the client and carer. A friendship like this will help your loved one feel at ease and in control, leading to a swifter recovery.

Care can be put in place quickly

Rather than waiting for a residential space to become available, short-term live-in care can be arranged in three to five days when you opt for a good care agency. The best agencies will match your loved one with a carer with the same hobbies and interests and, if your loved one doesn’t click with the carer, a quick re-arrangement can be made.

These are just a few examples of how care at home can be the better option for seniors in need of short-term care.