Companion Care for Seniors

The senior citizens in our homes, as well as the society, need companionship every day they are with us. Statistics show that there is a strong link between the health of the seniors and societal needs. 85% of the physicians reported in a survey that unmet social needs most importantly companionship directly leads to worsening of health. The doctors recommend that the seniors not be left in isolation for extended periods. This leads to loneliness and deterioration of health. Companion care is necessary for older adults who demand to maintain their independence but find it a struggle to keep up with everyday activities.

Elderly companion care services mainly include light housekeeping, meal preparation, shopping, running errands, and most importantly, companionship. In this guide, we look at tips to consider when choosing companion care for seniors.

Know what the Seniors Need

Seniors always want to maintain a level of independence even though they might be struggling to cater to their daily needs. When looking for companion care for your parents or seniors, it is necessary to know what they need. When interviewing a companion caregiver, assess the needs of the senior as well as what they need help with the most. Make sure you understand what activities the senior will want to do for themselves as well as where they require assistance.

Experience of the Caregiver

Few people can deal with seniors to provide the best possible companionship. When doing background checks on the potential individuals and institutions to offer the companion care to your elderly loved ones, assess their qualification as well as the experience when dealing with senior citizens. Most importantly, assess their communication skills by asking questions such as what their favorite and stressful experiences when dealing with senior citizens, as well as why they choose their line of work.


The best way to assess the experience of a caregiver is to ask for recommendations. After getting your preferred companion caregiver for your senior, get them to give you references of clients they have worked with in the past. This will be a great way to assess the experience as well as how they conduct themselves with previous customers.


Seniors have an uphill task of overcoming emotional challenges especially if they spend the whole day alone. Companion care for the elderly fills the social gap making them assured of their independence. With the tips above, you will be able to find the best companion caregiver for the seniors in your life.