Choosing a care at home agency: where to start

Throughout the UK, more people are turning to care at home rather than investing in a care home. This way, they are able to continue living in their own home near their family and friends. However, when going down this route it is imperative that you choose the right care at home agency for you, as your carer will be living in the home with you for as long as you wish.

Where to start your search for a care at home agency

We understand how daunting it can be when you first start looking at different care at home agencies. There will be so many questions you will need to know the answers to before you come close to making a decision. Here are a few examples of questions we have heard in the past:

What happens if I don’t get on with my live-in carer?

A great care at home agency should match you with someone they think you will get along with based on your hobbies and interests. Your carer will be living with you, so it is important that are able to create a lasting relationship. If you find the right agency, you will receive a friend and companion as well as someone taking care of you. Alternatively, if the chemistry just isn’t right between you and your carer, you should be able to request an alternative person to be assigned to you. Your well-being is the most important part of care at home, so ensuring you are happy with your carer should be high on your checklist of what makes a good agency.

What about finances?

Many care at home agencies work to a tailored service, basing their costs on your personal needs and circumstances. This means that you will have to discuss costs individually with each agency. The good news is that local authorities should be able to assist here, so it is worth looking down that avenue too.

What other research should I do?

Looking at agency reviews is a great indicator as to whether an agency is worth its salt. If you see consistent positive reviews, rather than regular negative reviews, you will move that much closer to making a final decision.