Should You Pay More for Live-In Dementia Care?

There are two major types of dementia care, one is at the home of the patient and the other is a resident program. Many families prefer to have their loved one at the home they are familiar with. Many doctors recommend this too as the familiar surroundings help the patient to recover from some of the severe symptoms and also prevents worsening of many symptoms. At home, there are two options for families to choose from. One is normal at home dementia care wherein a caregiver will be available for a present number of hours. The other is live-in dementia care. It is obvious that the latter will cost more than the former. Continue reading “Should You Pay More for Live-In Dementia Care?”

Three Reasons to Choose Live-In Dementia Care

There are different kinds of dementia care. You can choose respite care if the primary caregiver must take a break. You can choose day care if you can attend to the family member after work. You can have an attendant at home so your loved one does not have to live the residence. You may also consider moving the patient to a live-in dementia care facility. There are advantages and disadvantages of each of these options and you must make an informed decision. Here are three reasons to choose to live in dementia care. Continue reading “Three Reasons to Choose Live-In Dementia Care”