A Guide To Condition-Led Care At Home

For elderly people who suffer from conditions such as Alzheimers and Dementia, residential care can seem like the only option. However, there are now alternative options available that allow people who require additional support to stay at home for longer. Alternative care, such as care at home, is becoming increasingly popular; particularly for agencies that specialise in caring for individuals with these kinds of conditions.

Dementia and Alzheimer’s Care At Home

Illnesses such as these impact people in different ways, therefore, it is essential that your carer is fully trained in this field. In addition to physical changes brought about by alzheimers and dementia, challenging mental changes also take place which can be difficult for family members taking on care on their own.

Having a safe and familiar environment is essential for dementia-sufferers to lead a happy life. When their surroundings are no longer familiar it can cause confusion which may lead to challenging behaviour. This is why it is beneficial for the person to be able to stay living in their home for as long as possible, with support from an agency.

Tailored Housework and Shopping Support

Condition-Led Carers are able to work alongside you or your relative with housework and shopping support. The housework team are able to provide daily cleaning routines that work around the patient to enable them to live a happy a normal day to day life. Due to the severity of some of these illnesses, it is of your benefit that tasks such as cleaning is taken care of by a condition-led carer.

Condition-led care at home allows your shopping to be taken care of. The carers are able to buy what you like, collect and put away safely in your kitchen. Whether it is daily, weekly or even fort-nightly, carers are there to provide excellent condition-led care at home.

Tailored Domiciliary Support

Domiciliary Support includes other aspects of help for those who are ill but still live at home. The aim of this is to allow this person to keep their independent lifestyle but with aid of a carer to do some tasks. These tasks may include washing and grooming which allows them to remain clean and safe in their own home. The visits of condition-led care at home range from one hour to a few de-pending on the severity and need of the individual that needs it.